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Functions and tasks

The “golden” rule of service says: guests should be served the way you would like to be served. The service process is the criteria necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system, a set of procedures and daily operations performed by the staff and contributing to the maximum satisfaction of visitors. The key to the commercial success of a hotel company is the ability of its owners to anticipate any possible desire of a potential client.

In accordance with the Charter of JSC “MINOTEL”, the main purpose of the Company’s activities is to make a profit. The Company carries out activities in accordance with the National Classifier of the Republic of Belarus of types of Economic activity. The main activity is the provision of services by hotels and similar places to stay with restaurants.

The subject of the Company’s activity is the provision of hotel services, organization of catering and trade, provision of other services, implementation of other types of activities in accordance with the Charter and legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The main tasks and functions of JSC “MINOTEL” are:

  • coordination of work on increasing sales, turnover and revenue in the field of hotel services, trade, catering, expansion of types and forms of service, improving the quality of these services ;
  • providing temporary accommodation to guests, which includes the implementation of the main elements of the technological process of serving guests;
  • analysis of the state of the consumer market of the Company and making proposals for its development;
  • compliance with established legislative, regulatory and other mandatory requirements related to risks in the field of quality and safety, occupational safety and environmental protection;
  • preservation and expansion of domestic and foreign markets for the provision of services;
  • continuous training and motivation of staff, involvement of all employees in the process of continuous improvement of the Company’s activities;
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the provision of services;
  • openness and accessibility of information.